Idea #4 to Help Baby Boomers and Seniors Find a Passion (Genealogy)

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but I’ve been giving author talk – book signing events about my memoir: Adventures with Dad: A Father and Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class.  I just gave one last week at Laguna Woods Retirement Village in Orange County, CA.  It’s been so much fun in my new role as an author.  People have responded very positively to my talks.

Today, in my ongoing discussion of things Baby Boomers and seniors can do to develop a passion as a motivation to embrace life, I’m going to talk about pursuing genealogy.  I have a retired friend who has been charting his genealogy and that of his deceased wife.  He was able to go back several generations on his own by visiting various websites.  Then, he hired a professional to go back even further.  My friend has contacted distant relatives he finds, and he travels around the world to meet them and visit old cemeteries where ancestors are buried.

The Mormons are passionate about keeping genealogical records on everyone they can as it corresponds with their religious beliefs.  They are very welcoming at all their churches to allow anyone to check their genealogical archives, and there are volunteers there to assist.

You don’t have to be a Mormon to take advantage of their help.  Best of all, it is totally free.  I visited the Mormon Temple in Los Angeles, CA many years ago and found my mother’s name along with all her parents and siblings in a 1920s census record.  She was only five years old.  It was very exciting.

Distant family members have found me because someone spent a lot of time pursuing the family genealogy.  Is genealogy something you could become passionate about as a motivation to embrace life?

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