Scheduling Down Time

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NEWS:  Lee Gale Gruen’s upcoming appearances:

1. Lecture:  “How I Wrote, Edited, Published, and Marketed My Memoir,” September 16, 2014, 9:30am to 11:00am, Savvy Seniors, 200 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, CA 91302, $5 fee and advanced registration required

2. Senior Seminar: (My Talk) “Reinventing Yourself in Your Senior Years,” September 19, 2014, 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Kaiser Permanente Health Education Dept. at Wateridge, 5105 W. Goldleaf Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90056.  Health Education/Psychiatry building   NOTE: Kaiser members only – advanced registration required.

Now, onto my blog:

Give yourself a day, a half day, or a few hours of decompression.  You’ve been swimming out there in life’s ocean, fighting the sharks, and treading water.  You need to relax.  Don’t come up too fast or you might get the bends.

Yes, it’s important to rest from the daily, frenetic rush.  I tend to schedule too much packed into my day.  By evening, I’m wiped out and on overload.  The things I do in the early part of the day get much better attention than those at the end.  When I have too many days like that in a row, I become overwhelmed and a little ditzy.

If you’re like me, it’s urgent to program down time into your schedule.  Sometimes, I just crave a day alone at home with nothing planned, padding around in my sweats.  Even then, I tend to be in high gear: on my computer, making a new recipe, cleaning, doing my nails, talking on the phone–always on.  It’s so hard for me to stop.  I have to make a conscious effort to do so.

If that also describes you, you probably wear yourself out just as I do.  We have to force ourselves to calm down, chill out.

A friend recently told me that he’s been taking classes in breathing because he has a medical problem with his oxygen intake.  The new breathing technique works well for him.  Now, his biggest problem is remembering to breathe in the new manner.

Like my friend, when I consciously think about it, I do take a rest.  My problem is the remembering part.

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3 responses to “Scheduling Down Time

  1. Hi, Lee Gale! I can really relate to your blog. Since retiring, I’ve had to make a conscious effort to remind myself that everything doesn’t have to be done right now. It’s been a strain on my type “A” personality but I’m getting better at it as time goes on. This reminds me of something that I wrote called “Time Off and Off-Time”. I’ll email it 2 U.

  2. All too true. My down time revolves around my dog–she must walk, so I must walk, and now it’s become the best part of my day because I get away from the computer, work, worry, and everything else.

  3. Marlene

    As always, thoughtful and thought-provoking. And LOVE the photos! Great addition.

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