The Secret Benefits of Exercise

Exercise 4 10-10-14We all know or have heard or suspect that exercise is good for us. It keeps you toned, fit, firm. I started exercising years ago at a gym because I had lower back pain. Boy, has it helped with that! But, I found a hidden benefit: it helps with my stress level and when I’m feeling down.

I’m a Type A personality and always on the go–doing lots of things–trying new stuff. However, even if you’re a Type B, we all have stress. It’s life’s little gift to us for the privilege of being alive.

So, think about enrolling in a gym. Start out slowly doing what you can. It’s not a contest. There are no winners and losers. You don’t have to beat that person next to you doing their Jack LaLanne impersonation. Exercise for me seems to work best in a group situation. I guess I like to be among fellow sufferers. That’s why I go to a gym. Also, the music in the background helps to motivate me.

            You might get a kick out of a commercial I made a few years ago advertising gym equipment. Google my name to find all of my online acting work.

If it’s too expensive to join a gym or you don’t like the regimen, then get outdoors and start walking. That doesn’t cost anything. Or, do your power walk at your local mall. It’s safe, interesting and free with air conditioning thrown in at no extra charge. Replicate the musical accompaniment of a gym by listening through ear buds on your favorite technology device.

Exercise 5 10-10-14It’s too boring, you say? Find some friends to walk with; you can socialize as you go. I have a group of friends who walk twice a week at the beach. No friends, you say? Check out, and find a group of walkers in your area. Many of them walk at the local malls.

What about your dog? It needs walking and loves it most when it’s you on the other end of the leash. When did “dog walker” become a profession? Why aren’t you walking Blondie or Milo or BooBoo yourself? Think of it as dog/owner bonding with exercise thrown in as a bonus. When I had a dog and walked her in my neighborhood, I encountered neighbors I had never met before walking their pooches. As an aside, dogs sniffing each other is also a perfect ice-breaker for their owners to get to know one another. If you don’t have a dog, one sniffing your crotch is an opportunity to start a conversation with its human. You just might make a new friend. Then, you could walk together and get some conditioning and socializing.

You can’t miss your daily daytime dose of (insert your favorite soap opera), you say? Record it and watch it in the evening. Use the daylight hours to be out there exchanging your stress and depression for some rays and a physical tuneup.

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4 responses to “The Secret Benefits of Exercise

  1. Sheila Sauber

    Hi Lee Gale, good blog. Bottom line…no excuses not to exercise. Nice pictures of you on exercise equipment! Sheila

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Great advice, LGG. It really does help with one’s mood.

  3. Nellie Deom

    Hi Lee Gale,

    I always enjoy reading your blogs. Question, the portion on walking your dog you mention a dog “Milo” were you referring to my dog Milo?

    Just wanted to say hi and hope all is well.


    Sent from my iPad


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