Pet Peeves

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Peeved Pets

Peeved Pets

We all have pet peeves, those things that irritate us as we go about the business of living. How do we weather them and decrease the stress they cause? Before we attack that question, I thought I’d list a few of my favorites:

  1.  Bar code stickers on fruit.  Many require you to cut with a knife or jam your fingernail into the fruit in order to peel the damn thing off.
  2. The driver in the left turn lane with a long line of cars behind him who creeps up just a few inches into the crosswalk when the signal turns green. He sits awaiting the oncoming traffic which never seems to end. When the light turns red, he finally moves fully into the intersection, which he should have done in the first place so that I might have been able to creep up and shadow his bumper thereby enabling two people to turn left instead of just one.
  3. Self-flushing toilets in public lavatories which wait until you put down the paper toilet seat cover and are about to enthrone yourself when it decides to flush and whip away the target just as you are descending.

I’m sure everyone has at least one to add to my list.  Feel free to do so by commenting to my post.  Yes, each of these incidents and so many more take just a few seconds off of our projected lifespans. The only way to cope in a beneficial manner is to try to turn your pique into humor.

Some years ago, I used this approach with yet another pet peeve. I love dogs but really hate when one leaves its bountiful deposit on my grass and the jerk on the other end of the leash fails to pick it up and dispose of it elsewhere. So, I put up a sign which said, “If your dog poops on my lawn, please pick it up. If you can’t bring yourself to do so, please leave me your address so I can bring it to your house and drop it on your lawn.” I don’t know that it cured the problem, but at least it gave everyone a laugh.

When pet peeves happen over and over again and you have no power to change them, turn them into something positive for yourself so that you’re the winner. It certainly is better than the alternative.


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  1. Roger Trammell

    Humor’s always a good way to deal with bothersome things. That’s why I like Will Rogers, George Carlin, and Mark Twain.

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