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This blog is written by Lee Gale Gruen to help Baby Boomers, seniors, and those soon to retire find joy, excitement, and satisfaction in life after retirement. Her public lecture on this subject is titled, “Reinventing Yourself in Your Retirement.” Her memoir, available by clicking here, is: Adventures with Dad: A Father and Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class. Click here for her website:

Now, on to my blog:

book-signing-ross-fall-bazaarHere is the dictionary definition of the transitive verb, to trumpet:  to talk about something publicly in a proud or enthusiastic way  such as to trumpet somebody’s achievements.

Yes, it’s always been considered acceptable to trumpet someone else’s achievements. But, what about when you do so for your own achievements?

I’ve always found it hard to tell people about my accomplishments. It makes me feel like I’m bragging, and that’s an uncomfortable position for me. After I wrote a book, I learned that I would have to market it. That meant going against my grain and inserting it into the conversation whenever I had a chance.

I’m still timid about it. I do it in an almost apologetic manner. However, when you must promote and market, you simply can’t wait and hope for someone else to trumpet it for you. You must blow your own trumpet.

This photo is of me at a recent book sale and signing which was part of a large event offering numerous items for sale. As attendees made their way to my book club’s long table and over to me, I would have to quickly start my spiel about my book, giving my brief elevator speech to grab their attention. I was competing not only with the other authors at my table, but also with the scores of other tables in the hall, each with hawkers of the wares they and their fellow group members had made: jewelry, ceramics, wooden objects, sewing items, bakery goods, and lots more. All this tumult was noisy, confusing, and distracting. I felt like a circus barker having to yell louder, be flashier, spin a more interesting and compelling yarn than my competitors.

Participation in fierce competition can be exhausting and off-putting. How does one function in a situation like that, especially when it is against your nature? You can start by accepting that it is okay to trumpet yourself from time to time. Of course, it would be nice if you can avoid becoming obnoxious about it. View it as a challenge to learn a new skill. See it as a growth experience to broaden yourself. Do it sparingly to avoid wearing out your audience.

As grownups, we sometimes must be involved in disquieting situations which are against our normal inclination. Changing your mental attitude can help you get through it.


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6 responses to “Trumpet Yourself

  1. I agree – can be uncomfortable, but at the same time, its ok to do 🙂

  2. Roger Trammell

    …a good subject, LGG. I have taken your topic to a ridiculous extreme in my writing to the extent that I don’t write in the first person even when it’s a story about me…crazy, huh?

  3. Okay, Rog, I give you full permission to write in the first person, especially when it’s about yourself:-)

  4. Sheila Sauber

    Nice blog. You deserve to Trumpet out loud and often. You truly have something to say! Just met Sandy Cummings at the airport…do u remember her? We are at same resort on Hawaii and plan to get together. She has written 2 books on 16th century Jews and art and via a Skirball curator. Happy Holidays. Must be nice to be with family. Hugs, Sheila

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