OMG I Just Got Younger

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Now, on to my blog:

candlesTake off one candle from the birthday cake.  I’m a year younger than I thought!

When the subject comes up, I’ve been telling people my age, or at least, what I thought was my age.  I’ve never shortchanged my years, trying to drop five or ten of them to represent myself as being younger.  I am what I am, and I have never bought into presenting myself otherwise.

Last week at my gym class, I got into a discussion with another member about how old we were going to be on our next birthday.  She thought she was the oldest person there and was so excited to find someone older–by one year.  As we continued talking, we discovered we had been born in the same year, she in March and I in December.

Wait a minute, something didn’t compute.  It seemed that either I was a year younger than I was claiming, or she was a year older.  I was sure I was right.  After all, I’m pretty sharp and don’t usually make significant mistakes like that.

I rushed home and grabbed my cheapo calculator.  It seemed to tell me that she was right.  Naw, it must be defective.  How long had it been since I changed the batteries?  I took to google and typed “age calculator” into the search box.  After inputting my date of birth, up came a number that agreed with cheapo and my gym mate.  But, how was that possible?  I had been claiming the wrong age, even on written forms where it was requested, upping it by a year.

The only thing I can figure out is that I went to my high school class reunion a few months ago, and many attendees were a year older as I had been among the youngest in that class having been born nearly at year’s end.  So, hearing them talk about their age, I guess I started saying the same thing.

The silver lining to my faulty memory is that I just got a year younger!  Now, how often do we get that, folks?

Funny, though; I don’t feel any different.  Yes, it’s the same old me.  Being a year younger doesn’t make any difference.  My takeaway:  calculations of ages and birth dates are just numbers’ games.  It’s what you do with those precious years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds that matter.


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5 responses to “OMG I Just Got Younger

  1. Patricia Spiegel

    Fun mistake! Love it.

  2. sooo funny! I have no excuse — I made that same mistake in my 30s lololol

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