Lockdown Fatique

This blog is written by Lee Gale Gruen to help baby boomers, seniors, retirees, and those soon to retire find joy, excitement, and purpose in life after retirement. Her public lecture on this subject is titled: “Reinventing Yourself in Your Retirement.” Her memoir, Adventures with Dad: A Father and Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class, is available by clicking here Amazon.com. Click here for her website: LeeGaleGruen.com

Now, on to my blog:

Exercising with your reflection

In this time of sequestering, some are bored and others are inventive.  I was out and about on my daily walk in my retirement community–masked and six feet apart from others, of course–and came upon some folks with innovative ideas of what to do during this strange time of social distancing, hyper-sanitizing, and lockdowns.

A woman was exercising to her reflection in the glass entry doors of a now closed meeting center.  What a neat way to stay in shape–fun, cheap, and creative.

Fly Fishing PracticeI continued on and came upon a man practicing fly fishing on the lawn near a recreation area.  He was getting some sun, some exercise, and some practice for when he can return to his hobby.

Others cloister inside their homes, complaining to whomever will listen about their exasperation and bad fortune.  Yes, that’s one method of coping.  I’m guessing it’s the path those folks have taken for a long time, probably honed over decades.

To tell you the truth, the rest of us don’t want to hear it.  It is hard enough to remain upbeat and positive during these stressful times living in our strange new world alongside a raging coronavirus.  We’re all tired of sheltering in place, and it’s nerve-racking for everyone trying to figure out where the culprit is hiding, how to avoid it, and methods to slay it.  However, some of us are trying hard to keep going–trying to make the best of it and to survive.  Excessive bellyaching only pulls us down with you.

Find something that you can share with your community instead of wasting your time griping.  One friend is sewing masks which she gives away.  Another takes beautiful photographs of plants and animals around the neighborhood and emails them to everyone she knows.  Still another is taking food orders from those in her circle, ordering online for home delivery, and notifying everyone when to pick up their purchases from her garage.  I am organizing Zoom get-togethers and parties.

Zoom has become the go-to, online, meeting forum.  I bit the bullet, hunkered down in front of my computer, and read one tutorial after another to learn how to use it.  Then, I enlisted others in my sphere of friends and class members as practice partners to try it out and improve my skills.

I’ve been facilitating groups on Zoom to share stories, anecdotes, passages from books, and various topics of interest.  I’ve, also, been attending clubs and classes that formerly met in-person which are now meeting on Zoom.  If you’re not adept with the computer, then scout around and find someone who is so you can become a “guest” in their Zoom meeting rather than a “host” as I am.  You don’t even need a computer; you can participate in a Zoom meeting by just talking on your telephone.

One thing that might help to buoy your spirits is to really accept our current state but trust that it will end and we’ll get back to some sort of normal.  It may not be the normal we were used to just a few months ago, but probably a vaccine or treatment will be developed eventually or Covid 19 will play itself out with a reduced herd of susceptible victims, and we’ll be able to come out of hibernation.  In the meantime, figure out a way to adapt.  It can be done.


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4 responses to “Lockdown Fatique

  1. Sheila Sauber

    Perfect blog for these days…& will be interesting in the future as data from life in the 2020 historical period. Hope this virus is history soon! Today they say people can get it twice. Crazy. Sheila

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  2. Patricia Spiegel

    Good for you. I am in a few Zoom groups BUT I don’t know how to set ujp a group myself. I will have to try it. You gave me courage. In the meantime I am back to cartooning for fun.

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