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Author, Lee Gale Gruen (“Lee Gale” is her first name), had a 37-year career as a probation officer. After retiring at the age of 60, she started attending an acting class for seniors at a local, community program. A few weeks later her mother died, and she invited her grief-stricken father, age 85, to come to class with her.  Her memoir, Adventures with Dad: A Father and Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class, published in May, 2013, recounts their magical journey attending that class together for three years, bonding more than ever. Lee Gale wrote the comedy scenes they performed onstage twice a year in the class showcases. Included in the book are all six scenes along with her motivation and the process of writing them, rehearsing them and gathering the props. The father/daughter team became a popular item, performing before adoring audiences.

Lee Gale eventually transitioned into the world of professional acting. As her fledgling second career started going uphill, her dad’s health started going downhill. She would recount to him each of her new experiences while she sat beside his bed at the nursing home where he resided in his final years.

This poignant comedy of the love and bond that grew between a father and daughter, both in their later life as they attended a senior acting class together, will resonate with retirees, baby boomers, seniors and their family members, friends and acquaintances everywhere.

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  1. Good writing Lee Gale. Your book has been published but you’re still giving a future publication date. I think it must be quite simple to change it—do you want to?

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