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Idea #2 to Help Baby Boomers and Seniors Find a Passion (Gardening)

It’s so easy to tell someone else to get a life–find something to do.  It’s so hard as the recipient of that advice to know where to start.  One might secretly ask themselves:  What would I even do?  Where do I go to do it?  Will I look foolish?  Will I be rejected?

In my last post on this subject, I suggested looking for classes and senior programs in your community.  Today I want to talk about gardening as a pursuit.

A friend, who is a senior, retired a few years ago and turned to her prior hobby of gardening.  She is now a member of 2 rose societies, one of which tends the rose garden on the grounds of the Rose Parade headquarters in Pasadena, California.  She is always going to some gardening meeting or another, often with plant cuttings in her car trunk.  I have contributed cuttings from my own yard to her cause.  She has become passionate about this pursuit.  It gives her life joy, meaning, and excitement and provides a social outlet, interacting with other devotees.

There is a Cactus and Bromeliad Society in my area.  They have club meetings, competitions, and other events.   I once got involved for awhile in an organization for carnivorous plants after I was gifted a tropical pitcher plant.

Have you always enjoyed gardening?  See if there are any public gardens (flowers, edibles, etc.) where you live and if they’re looking for volunteers.  And remember my motto:  even if you’re scared, do it anyway!

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