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The Role of Humor in Well-being for Baby Boomers and Seniors

Before I turn to my blog subject today, several people have asked how to read my previous blogs.  It’s easy; just scroll down a bit and you will see “Archives” on the right side of the page.  Click on those entries and there they are!  Today I’m hosting my first Guest Blogger.  She is a new friend, Max Izenberg, who writes the newsletter “Suddenly 65.”  Here is her blog:

It occurred to me the other day that many people go through life failing to find the humor in everyday events.   And  I thought how sad that is, since laughter is so very important to the human condition, especially as the years go by, this can prove to be extremely costly to your health and well-being.

I find that a good belly laugh has an almost cleansing effect on the body – practically medicinal in its quality.  Do you remember when you last had a good old fashioned belly laugh where the tears were just rolling down your cheeks?  No wonder they call laughter “internal jogging for the body”.

The best thing to do is to find humor in everyday life and it’s out there.  You just have to make a conscious effort to look for it.  I have a friend who’s a laughter coach and she claims that from the moment you wake up in the morning, you have to make a deliberate effort to look at life through rose colored glasses.  And it does help!

And keep in mind that that kind of attitude has a beneficial effect on you because it has been discovered that daily laughter can help lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation, boost your energy and immune system, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of anxiety and tension.   It’s a powerful antidote to the everyday stresses of daily living.

That famous quote by Abe Lincoln sums it all up and really probably resonates with most people today.  He said “With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die”.

So whoever determined that “Laughter is the best medicine” – maybe they were right on target.    On a daily basis try to see the glass as half full and look at life from a humorous angle even though it may be difficult to do so at times.  You will be helping yourself in so many beneficial ways.  And perhaps the best part of all is that this priceless medicine is fun and free

Max Izenberg publishes the award winning online newsletter for boomers and seniors  –   She describes it as “places to go, things to do, and people to meet.”  It is a FREE weekly newsletter full of local resources for those 60+ so they will always be aware of what’s happening in their backyards.  You can join and read this weekly senior local resource newsletter by going to the website: and joining the mailing list

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Is it too late for Baby Boomers and seniors?

I was at a meeting recently where we were all seniors. We were going around the room each telling a little about ourselves. It was my turn, and I told my story of retiring from my career as a probation officer and becoming an actress, author, and speaker.

The next person was a woman who mentioned she was working at her brother’s law office, but she didn’t sound very excited about it. She said her dream as a young woman had always been to get a college degree. I spoke up: “Why don’t you do it now?”

“Now?” she responded in a shocked and defensive tone.

I dropped that discussion quickly; she obviously didn’t want to hear it.

The woman seemed aloof toward me after my remark. I thought maybe she was jealous. My suggestion that she revisit her youthful dream was apparently the last straw for her. She made it a point not to talk to me during the rest of the event. I think I touched a nerve.

During my speaking engagements, I deliberately touch nerves.  I encourage Baby Boomers and seniors to find something to be passionate about as a motivation to embrace life.

Why should we do this at our age?  Do it for the challenge of it–the sheer joy of it.  Why should we seniors go quietly into the night?  There is still plenty of life to be lived. Now is the time to do it!  Don’t just take the easy way out–the same boring way out.

You don’t have to follow my path.  If you’ve always wanted to try something, do it!  You might have to modify it, but see if you can figure out a way to connect with that thing that excites you.

Maybe you can’t become the doctor you’d always wanted to be, but maybe you can volunteer at a medical facility helping patients in some manner.  Maybe you can’t go trekking into the jungles after animals, but maybe you can volunteer at an animal shelter.

Don’t just settle.  Find a passion!

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