My Body Won’t Cooperate with My Lifestyle

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Now, on to my blog:

Dog under print blanket

My body is getting more and more uncooperative as it and I grow older together.  Where is that gal who could ski all day and boogie into the night?  Where is that woman who could travel the world, exploring other cultures from early morning to late in the evening?  Where is that multitasking me who could work full time, raise children, run a household, and still squeeze in friends and fun–all at the same time?

These days, corpus meum seems to have a mind of its own independent of my thoughts and desires.  Regardless of what I direct it to do, it does its own thing.  It has cramped my style more than once.  It’s so hard to accept that I’m no longer in control; I want a divorce!  I’ll find a new body that is much more in sync with how I envision myself.

I’m in pretty good health, but small, irritating things are happening to my body.  When I finally accept and cope with one, another springs up.  When I think I’ve got everything pretty much under control, MB morphs and “wham,” it’s another change I have to incorporate.

Friends and acquaintances tell me the same thing is happening to them.  What to do, what to do?  Well, we can try railing to the wind and lamenting our lot.  Dumping on anyone who will listen is another possibility.  Hunkering down with the covers over our head is a third way to go.  Unfortunately, those options only waste time and put off the inevitable of accepting and becoming comfortable with the new you.

New You doesn’t have the energy level that Old You had.  NY gets tired more easily.  NY doesn’t bounce back so fast from illnesses, upsets, or just about anything else that comes your way.  NY can become a true PIA (pain in the ass).  Nevertheless, NY is all you have, and you can’t go back to OY no matter how much you wish it, how much you try, how much you rail.

So, you have two choices: accept NY, come to terms with your aging body, and embrace all the things you can still do, or reject NY and be miserable.  And remember, if you’re stuck in the latter, you can always switch to the former.


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4 responses to “My Body Won’t Cooperate with My Lifestyle

  1. Sheila Sauber

    OMG….just where I am! Only trying to protect my knees on a downhill walk atJoshua Tree…slipped on gravel & broke my wrist. 😪very depressing, for sure. Oh well…lucky it is left wrist. Hugs, Sheila

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Oh, wow, I’m so sorry about your wrist. Yes, you are lucky that it wasn’t your dominant hand. At least you’re looking on the bright side. Get better real fast.

  2. Roger Trammell

    “It’s not my body’s going that hurts my days, it’s that it went in such little ways.”

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